Our team at Senior Care Associate’s help Senior’s figure out HOW to PAY for their CARE. Many Senior’s have run out of money either by out living their monies or have lost monies in the down ward economy or simply do not have the monies for their care.

What do you qualify for? We will help answer these questions with a quick 5-10 minute intake on the phone at no cost to you. Why wait to have these important questions answered? There may be monies available for your care, you need to ask and find out how and what is available.

Situation #1 I am a Veteran and fairly healthy and am caring for my wife who has Alzheimer’s.  I am finding it more and more difficult to care for her.  Will the Aid and Attendance pension help us financially with her care?

Situation #2 I am living with my parents who both are struggling with health issues.  I do their cooking and cleaning, transportation to their appointments, manage their bills etc.  Dad was a Veteran of WWII.  We are all struggling financially just to make ends meet.  Will the Aid and Attendance pension help pay for their costs while living at home?

Situation #3 I am moving mom into assisted living.  She barely has enough to cover these costs.  Dad was a Veteran and has since passed.  Can mom qualify for Aid and Attendance?

Situation #4 My first husband was a Veteran and has passed away.  I remarried and he too has passed.  Can I qualify for Aid and attendance?

Situation #5  I divorced my husband who was a Veteran of the Korean Conflict.  Am I eligible for the Aid and Attendance pension?

Situation # 6  I am currently receivng the Aid and Attendance pension living in assisted living.  I am going to move in with my son and his family.  Can I still recieve the pension with my care changing?

Situation #7   I want to apply for the Aid and Attendance pension.  I own a home and have some cash assets.  Can I still apply and be approved?

We will answer questions like the above situations and many others that arise.  Every families situation is a little bit different.  We will answer your questions and help you find a solution to your long-term care needs for your loved ones.  Give us a call.