Insurance companies using Aid and Attendance as bait, then switch to selling insurance products

Published on May 25, 2012 by

I am seeing more and more insurance companies using Aid and Attendance as a tool to move people’s assets for commissions.  What is even more surprising are many assisted living communities are allowing insurance companies to come into their facilities, use Aid and Attendance as bait and then switch to selling insurance products such as annuities etc.  These insurance companies say they will do “Aid and Attendance for free”; first of all, nobody works for free, come on; there is always a gimmick to sell you something. They don’t have a clue how to even fill out an Aid and Attendance application; they outsource the paperwork to an out of state company who push the paperwork through to the VA.    “Free”? You definitely get what you pay for.  I seriously wonder if these insurance companies stay with and manage Aid and Attendance until their client passes away. Will they do the annual reviews or manage the confusing letters that their clients receive from the VA? What happens when a client moves from assisted living to live with a family member?    Who manages this at the risk of having to pay the pension back to the VA?  Again, I highly doubt an insurance company will show any interest in these sorts of situations other than up selling more insurance products as the years go by. I go to many senior functions and see insurance salesman there which makes me very uncomfortable.  I know I would not want insurance salesman hanging out at my parents assisted living trying to sale them an insurance product, especially using the military pension, Aid and Attendance as bait to do so.

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