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One of our clients who lived one hour south of Salt Lake City and not able to drive needed his DD-214 certified.  I told our client that I would run this up to the VA office and have them give their stamp of approval.  I went in with his DD-214 and was rudely told that they would NOT certify a copy…here is a form to fill out and mail in.  That was it!  I turned around and walked across the hall to the VFW.  I asked them if they would certify this gentleman’s DD-214.  He kindly took the document and told me to wait a minute.  He went to a back office and a couple of minutes later came back with it stamped and certified.  Wow!  What a difference!  He was able to get all his Aid and Attendance paper worked submitted and approved in a timely manner.  Thanks to the VFW!

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